Allow YouTubers to embed videos as submissions

Kothorix 8 years ago updated by Jayef 8 years ago 3

This could apply to any site, but I think most video creators use youtube, so I'll stick with referencing that. Basically, I'd like to see a furry site that allows for youtubers to post their work as submissions. Honestly, I feel a bit excluded from most furry sites because they cater to artists and writers. What I do isn't quite art, and it isn't quite story writing, but it is still creative. I think that one of the reasons there aren't many furry youtubers is simply because it's hard to get any recognition within the furry community for it.

By allowing embedded videos as a gallery option, you would (to my knowledge) be the only furry "social media" site to do so. You would attract the furry youtubers that really have no other place to post their videos without the comment section being filled with "kys furry fgt".

Isn't there already multimedia posting?

Yes, but the upload limit is quite low. It seems this is mainly intended for short animations. I don't expect Furry Network to increase the upload limit, because server space is limited.

I don't want this place to be overrun with terrible Let's Plays and inane Vlogs!

I think that most people would be mindful enough only to post videos related to furries. I mean, you could potentially have the same problem with artists posting human art, but it isn't really a problem.

You're just trying to use this site advertise for your youtube channel, you greedy money-grubbing sellout!

Duh. But here is the thing: small furry YouTubers don't really make any money and have almost no chance to grow their channels. The only way to grow your channel is to post your videos on various other sites. Once again, this is probably why there are so few furry YouTubers; there's nowhere to put your videos where there will be an actual interest in them! Unlike artists, youtubers can't really make money from commissions. At least, It isn't a common thing. The only way for them to make money is from people watching their videos.

If you read this whole thing, thank you for your time!


I agree. I mean I myself is a furry youtuber. And one of such that usually advertise my content on YouTube as a submission on my gallery on Fur Affinity. But the thing that frustrates me about it is the hassle about it because you can't automatically post it simply as a link. You had to most likely have to make a tittle card to submit as an "artwork", then you have to cut and paste the link to your video that you advertise. Where as if you be able to submit it by simply just cut and pasting the link to that video, it saves time.


I can see two crucial reasons for allowing YouTube (and Vimeo) embeds.

  1. Though FN provides native support for video uploads, as the site grows, videos will only continue to be the largest consumer of bandwidth and server space. Allowing for external embeds would offset this a great deal in the long run.
  2. The eventual support for importing submissions from Weasyl. Weasyl supports external embeds from a good number of sites, and many people (musicians, animators, and game developers) make use of embeds to showcase their work. Implementing this same support for embeds on FN will make the Weasyl import process much smoother.

My two cents (which are very much the same as the previous posters): I make music and post the occasional video to YouTube. I also post most of my musical output to Soundcloud. I maintain a bunch of different pages on different sites to support and promote my work and generally speaking find it much simpler if I can simply embed the YouTube and Soundcloud stuff on those pages (I do it on Weasyl, but sadly Weasyl gets zero traffic). I would think allowing embeds would work in Furry Network's favor as it would free up their bandwidth and server space since they'd no longer be in the business of archiving space and bandwidth-hungry audio and video files.