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Just adding a thumbs-up for this topic. Took a couple times to find the "right" topic, there's still a couple duplicates out there.

Good to know that username changes would likely be supported sometime in the future. Hope that future isn't too far away!

Many other art-sites allow for submission files to be modified at any time, regardless of how long a submission has been online for. One of FN's primary functions is an art gallery, and artists should have complete control over their gallery's submissions, including the submission file. Even if it means allowing the ability to silently fix a submission after a week/month/year has passed.

I really like how comments display on Posts/Story submissions. (example) The layout feels very clean in comparison to other submissions, it could serve as a great starting point for a more unified submission page layout.

I had literally just started working on a comic when I submitted this thread, so lol that might've had a part in stirring up confusion. Got too many comics on the mind.

If your worried about tagging or blacklisting, there could always be an option to mark one of the images in the set as mature so it has the warning while the others still show?

Yeahh, thought about this! Content warnings for explicit content could be very useful. No idea how it could work without adding complexity to the upload process though, or if it'd be better to leave this to the current tags system.

That said, I imagine a feature like this would work a lot like the stories/written feature works, since stories support images. If this wasn't implemented I could see people using the stories feature for this sort of thing instead. Which would be ok for comics but I guess would be up to you guys if you wanted that feature used like that for non-comic works.

I hadn't considered this at all, and I really like it. The clean layout that the Stories feature uses makes it perfect for comics and other sequential works — I could see that working basically like comics on Taptastic, like you mentioned earlier. There's also a feature planned which would compliment this perfectly: Series, perfect for chaining comic chapters/parts together, making it even easier for readers.

However, treating this as an expansion for the Stores feature could leave other non-comic/non-sequential submissions in the dust, or possibly cause confusion if they're permitted to make use of it as well.

Another alternative that could be interesting: Maybe the Collections feature could be expanded upon to provide a Stories-like viewer, with all collected submissions appearing in an uninterrupted stream of submissions. Kinda like a small and curated timeline. (Allow for submissions from other artists to be included in a collection with their permission, for collaborative works?)

FN could then allow artists to post a collection like any other submission:

  • Followers get a notification for new collections
  • The collection as a whole could be promoted, favorited, and commented on
  • Collection appears in the user's gallery with everything else (upload a custom thumbnail, allow the collection to have a PG or Mature rating and tags, use a "Collection" icon to differentiate it from single submissions)

Speaking on visibility... This does depend on your audience and outreach, but I believe FN's "Promote" function would do a great deal of good for visibility as well? I thought Promote was supposed to be kind of an analog to Twitter's Retweet or Tumblr's Reblog functions, but correct me if I'm wrong here. (If not, it'd be great to have something like that on FN. It'd give everyone an easy way to share/boost works by peers)

So, here's a couple examples from Pixiv, to show how multi-page submissions generally function for comics (no login required, just close the "register today!!!" box to continue):

Both submissions feature general tags that are most likely to catch anyone searching for them (comic, furry, and variations upon these tags), plus themes and content (AD simply tagged his comic as original works, while Koi tagged the original webcomic's name).

Beyond this, you could tag a comic submission with genres and settings (sci-fi, midwest), general content tags/warnings, or general interests that the comic targets (sports, robots, explicit content, etc). If you're running a larger series of comics (or posting your comic in parts), you could tag the comic's name as well. Comic tags don't need to be a complete laundry list of the entire submission's contents, they only need to cover key aspects.

Some artists post one or two pages a week, some opt to post several pages once or twice a month, and some are comfortable waiting until a comic's completion to release an entire issue's worth of pages all at once. All methods are valid. It all comes down to what you as an artist are most comfortable doing, and what works best for you and your projects.

Man, I wish I could edit my initial post! Had a couple people confuse this as being heavily about sequential works, and I feel I should clarify.

I strongly believe having the ability to post several tightly-related images in a single submission is beneficial to artists and viewers alike. Whether it's illustration, photography, 3D works, or crafts, it's a feature that offers a lot of flexibility as to how we present and view works.

Astolpho mentioned technical renders for 3D models (these are frequently posted on ArtStation), and I know we've got some professional and industry artists in the community, modellers and painters alike. This is all part of being able to share the process of creation with viewers and peers.

Crafts (currently under review!) is another big area — I've seen craft artists compile several photos of a piece into a single image, and it gets the job done, but I've also seen many instances where alternate views will be posted as separate submissions, or as a link in the description to a Tumblr photoset. Likewise, performers may want to show off their costumes and photo-shoots, toy makers may want to share patterns with their submissions, etc.

I'm gonna cut myself off here, my comments here are already way too long. I'm just offering more examples because I believe it's a great feature that many western art communities have neglected to implement for whatever reason. As social sites have offered the ability to share multiple images per post, I see an opportunity for FN to capitalize on this for its community, and offer a degree of flexibility that most other sites lack.

I love the idea of modules, it gives users a ton of control over how they present themselves. The six modules you've listed in 3) feel like the most essential, besides streaming notifications as Fek mentioned. Overall this all feels like a good number of steps in the right direction.

4) might feel a bit busy, that's a fair call. But I think what's equally important here is that FN is making the most out of the space that's available. So really, if a user wants to view an entire gallery, let them have the entire gallery! However I would suggest making folders more prominent? Maybe this could be achieved by having folders act as tabs across the top of the gallery, or something to that effect.

I feel 1) is a response to a problem that is more hypothetical than it is widespread. I personally can't think of any cases when an artist has purposely switched a popular image with a completely different piece. If anything, the fact that an image is super popular would be more likely to discourage an artist from switching it. It'd only be more likely to happen as an April Fools joke, which is generally a harmless nuisance and would probably end up being reverted before the day is out anyway.

And besides, if anyone truly abuses the ability to switch a submission file by picking something obscene or offensive, wouldn't that serve as justification for Furry Network's moderation team to take action?

One case to look out for though: Maybe an artist has a particularly rough night and makes the ill-advised decision to mass-replace all submission files in their gallery with another image. This could feasibly be detected and countered automatically though, like maybe it'd be worth only allowing a certain amount of replaced submission files per half-hour — Chances are, this replace limit wouldn't be encountered during casual use. Throw an error if it happens.

2) is a cumbersome solution. If anything, maybe submission order could be determined by an index number rather than date, to allow for easier reordering? Surely it's easier to tell a system that 3 comes after 2, right? (famous last words, watch out for negative and "null" index numbers)

If 3) already isn't an issue on FN, then uh.. well, that's discussion on that.

As for why: Sometimes, artists goof up! Sometimes we don't spot a mistake until it's already online. Sometimes, we get our magnum opus all figured out, we dot our i's and cross our t's, and then we stupidly upload "Submission FINAL 2-1 FINISHED.png" instead of the clearly correct "Submission FINAL 2-2 FINISHED FOR REAL THIS TIME.png".

Sometimes, we don't spot our goofs until a day later, after tons of people have favorited and promoted the image, and left adorning comments all over it. And it sucks to be left with an ultimatum:

  • Live with the error and accept that the wrong image will stay in your gallery forever, OR
  • Delete the submission and start over, and watch in agony as all those lovely comments turn into confused variations of "Huh?? Didn't you already upload this??"

So like, yeah it'd be nice to avoid all that, hey.

I'd say it'd still be a valuable feature to consider! (And thank you for putting it under review!)

Using silent uploads as a work-around for avoiding submission flood (especially for multi-page works and related submissions) could actually introduce a problem: Followers obviously wouldn't receive notifications for the silent uploads, so the artist would then have to manually link each related submission in the description. This would introduce the same sort of copy-paste-description routine that plagues so many other creative community websites, and unfortunately any related submissions could just as easily go unnoticed. (especially for viewers on mobile, who may not scroll down to read the description — that is on the viewer, but it sucks for the artist!)

Taking the opportunity to expand on some thoughts since posting this thread, May mentioned another good case scenario: Many artists post alternate versions of images. Some common examples are images with PG and Mature variants, variants with and without text/SFX, or variants that a commissioner has requested. In this case, having the ability to keep all versions of an image in a single submission would be valuable to viewers as well as artists, especially when it comes to reducing gallery clutter.

And on the topic of gallery clutter, for artists who post comics and other sequential works: On top of gallery clutter, a thumbnail can spoil a story. Having to post submissions for each page means having to manage thumbnails for each page, and managing thumbnails for a large number of pages just to prevent spoiling the reader can be a tedious job. Keeping multiple pages within a single submission can help prevent both issues (24 pages but only one thumbnail? Score), and it helps ensure that new readers will always start from the first page.

Yep, that's how the zoom mode currently works, so technically it's working in your browser. The second image I posted was just an example of how FN could address this issue.