Browser add-on similar to FA Extender

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I would say the main thing that has made FurAffinity my preferred furry art site isn't even a part of FA itself, but the Firefox add-on "FA Extender." (I won't link to it but it's easy to find via Google).

The only thing I use it for is its download functionality, in which it places an extra download link on a submission page, which when clicked, will not only save the image to pre-determined folder on disk, but also, most importantly automatically places it in a sub-folder named for the artist's username (creating the folder if it doesn't exist).

This specific functionality of FA Extender has been crucial in my ability to keep up with all the great artists I follow, for collecting their works into an organized folder structure locally. I can't even begin to guess the amount of time it has saved me from navigating through folders in save windows. For people who follow many artists, those seconds can really add up over time.

I know this is not possible to implement as part of the site itself, due to the requirements of it interacting with the user's local file system (which some may perceive as a security risk but as a browser add-on it would be entirely the user's choice whether to install the add-on or not, and I'm sure it would be discovered fairly quickly if there were some problem with it.) I also believe that the specific download functionality I am talking about is currently only possible with Firefox, and not Chrome.

But this is a request to see if perhaps FurryNetwork would be willing to put resources into developing such a browser add-on for FN officially. I know it would entice many users of FA Extender (of which Mozilla lists there being over 1,500) to be more active on FN, myself included.

Thanks for reading!

If they had this, FN would quickly become one of my most used sites.


Hi! I'm the developer of FAExtender. While I don't use FN enough to justify the time required on my end, if anyone is interested, the extension for Firefox and Chrome are both open source and available at https://github.com/andrewneo/faextender and https://github.com/andrewneo/faextender-chrome

So how hard would it be to only import the "download to folder" and "open folder" features? So not worrying about the keyword blocking or being able to open things in new tabs.

Is that something that if a group of people got together and tossed you some money that you would be willing to do?

And only on the FireFox end, without worrying about Chrome.

Hey, there is alredy an plugin like that: https://github.com/NatePri/Raccoony

... it's currently in development but I alredy like it

How long have you been using it? Have you had any big issues with it?

I'm a little worried about it's warning lable that is like "it shouldn't, but it may mess up your computer."

I'm using it for quite a while - Yes I had some Issues but they was sloved extremely fast by the developer

So I decided to give it a chance, and it's amazing. I'm a tad disapointed that there isn't any SF support, but otherwise I love it. Thanks for sharing!

SoFurry? It should be supported ... ?

Yes, that site is a super active place for writers and they get a lot of their content from there. FN is fun and all, but right now it's only geared towards artists and the writer support is lacking.

You don't need a browser addon, the reason its an addon for FA is because it has to inject code (though they could have just used greasemonkey scripts), where as FN can by default program the capabilities of what FA Extender does right into the site. However some of the features of FA Extender are unnecessary here. Such as "open all in tabs". Though I suppose it'd be nice to have in grid view. I stopped using FA Extender's download function because it doesn't work that well anyway. So I just use Ctrl S and then Ctrl W.