Howto Guides for using the site

Varka (Spokesdragon) 8 years ago updated by kuzooma 1 year ago 11

Furry Network could use some handy howto guides, explaining how to use certain features of the site. Some examples:

- How to upload artwork

- How to import your account from another site

- How to post a Journal


We're interested in knowing what guides you'd like to see on FN, as we're actively writing them this week. Let us know what guides you'd like to see by replying to this topic!

User suggested ideas so far:

- How do I post a Journal?


I'd really like a way to import all the stuff I uploaded on Weasyl onto Furry Network, like what you guys did with FA. I have a LOT of stuff on my Weasyl account and I don't want to just upload them one at a time. >_<

This would be amazing.

i agree with this!


i think making it so that you can make updates and statuses again would be nice.
i liked the 'facebook' feel of that feature

woop, nm. i just figurd out how to do it again.
gotta click on your username

Thanks for this! My main questions are for using multiple characters. How do you follow the same people on all your characters account, do it manual? etc etc.

Also just a guide to the basics, like how to use your profile, updates, how to track what people your following have left since you have gone, etc etc.

Thanks again!

I cannot for the life of me figure out how to set my commission status. I can get to the page where you can see sent and received commissions, but it says "commissions: closed", and I cannot seem to change it from there.

Go to that comissions page and click Received until you see this

then just follow the steps

Well apparently after all that is done the button next to "Commissions Status:" is still "closed" ...
do i dunno what is goin on


A "Getting Started" guide for new members that covers general usage of Furry Network, including how to set up your profile, uploading your first submission or journal, and how to manage notifications. It'd also be a great place to go over Furry Network's big features. (eg: intended use of "Characters")

how do I search for new artwork using the #tag engine on the site.