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Give an option to hide users that I'm following, favorites, from my profile

Kida 8 years ago updated by Digby (Community Manager) 7 years ago 4

Something a friend of mine suggested; some people don't want others to see who they're following or what they favorite, so having some privacy options to hide these things would be nice! I personally would appreciate a feature similar to FA, where I can hide my favorites of a certain rating.


Ooh, I feel silly, favorites aren't even shown on my profile. That feels... odd. Ah well, initial suggestion for hiding users I follow still stands. ^^


Upping this. I'd especially like to be able to hide my activity history from my profile, I'm not even sure why FN posts it. Littering profiles with messages like "**User 1** @user1 followed **User 2** @user2" only makes it harder for everyone to see recently uploaded submissions and status messages.

* "User 1 @user1 followed User 2 @user2"

Forgot that the support forum doesn't use markup like the rest of the site, oops.

Under review

I've been looking through the suggestions, and we're working on implementing several. I wanted to throw around some thoughts on this. While your privacy is important, the risk that comes with this is with an unfortunate but real problem on the internet - stalkers. If you can hide who you follow, it's very possible this could be used to hide stalking behavior.

There are definitely work around ways for stalkers, though, and it's not possible for us to completely prevent that. Here are my main questions: what would be the best way to minimize enabling stalkers, and would this be enough to justify hiding who you follow?