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It would be cool to have a native Windows App for it and even one for Android!

It would be cool if we could search based on time, "Beginning of time" , 1 year, 1 month, 1 week etc..

Yeah, probably that would look much better.

Only after tag filter was run to make sure cub porn is not being imported.

I doubt it is automatic or set to quick enough refresh rate.

Yeah, continuously roll in updates into the browser as they get uploaded.

Thank you for coming to support this! I think a fully functioning discussion board on FurryNetwork would be very beneficial to the community's life in its current form. I think if the administration here could set up a notice board and discussion boards for members that would be amazing just to let users get to know each other and immediately go back to their profiles in just a snap, this could greatly increase social factor of the community.

There was a case in Australia. Man was ordered off the plane due to carrying 'graphical depictions of underaged pornography'

Please, I beg you, if you upvoted this matter, arse yourself to upvote other pressing matters too in the support forum.