Activity Feeds are not updated (quick enough or at all)

Calax 8 years ago updated by Digby (Community Manager) 7 years ago 3

As it looks like, the slowness of the site seems to affect the loading of the activity feed. I have been "investigating" with some tools (The Browser-Included F12-Diagnostic Tools), as well as Wireshark on my Desktop, along with some Network Diagnostic tools from the company I am working in on my Android Device.

The Problem is the following:

The Activity Feed will not update (quick enough or at all) when you go to someone elses Profile after visiting your own.

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Go to your own Profile
  2. Wait for everything to load
  3. Open your Activity feed (The Bell on the top right) and directly go to someones profile (E.G click onto a person who recently followed you)

Expected Behaviour on all Devices:

The Activity Feed of that Person should be shown immediatly

Actual Behaviour on Desktopbrowsers:

Your own Activity feed is shown for a period of between 0.5Seconds up to 10 Seconds before it is replaced with the new one.


Windows 7

150Mbps LAN Connection

Current Firefox, Opera, Chrome, IE11

Actual Behaviour on Andriod:

The Activity Feed will never be updated, altough Network Diagnostic Tools show me that packages are regularly sent to my device.


Galaxy S7

150Mbps WiFi Connection

Firefox, Firefox Beta, Chrome, Opera, Opera Mobile, Samsungs Integrated Browser


I forgot to Mention that I am from Europe, maybe something fishy is going on here.

It's not just Europe, I've been having this happen since the beta first launched and it's been the most annoying bug I've experienced by far. I've been hoping for a fix for quite some time now. +1'd

I doubt it is automatic or set to quick enough refresh rate.


The site has undergone some significant changes, and this no longer appears to be an issue. I've attempted to replicate it and cannot. If for some reason there are still lingering problems, feel free to comment here, and we'll review it right away.