Karo_Zagorus 8 years ago updated by Digby (Community Manager) 7 years ago 4

FurryNetwork needs a site-integrated Forum that allows its members to connect with each other, discuss topics and share art well beyond.

This would be a good idea how to kickstart discussions, because so far we are only limited to this support forum which is horrendous.

I'm bad at using forums regularly but hey, yeah, it'd be nice to have a li'l community hub for a site that we want to be a community hub! Presumably down the line when they've got the support staff to keep up with it, but yeah. A+

Thank you for coming to support this! I think a fully functioning discussion board on FurryNetwork would be very beneficial to the community's life in its current form. I think if the administration here could set up a notice board and discussion boards for members that would be amazing just to let users get to know each other and immediately go back to their profiles in just a snap, this could greatly increase social factor of the community.

This is extremely moderation heavy. Also there are a bazillion forums out there who are Furry related.

On top it stirs up drama all the time. I'd rather would like to give people the possibility to form communities or groups to socialize based on their interest than have a forum which tries to appeal to everyone and no one at the same time.

That way people could also form their own named networks instead to demand a specific category or sub-forum or even worse, polluting other topics with their network.

Just think about how good the rape and anti-non-con group would work together.

I'd rather give each their own territory than mixing them up in a boiling pot.

It also does not mean that we won't get "free for all" groups. I really like the Google Plus approach to this.

And they are self-moderated.

That's why i dislike that motion.


We've looked into this, and we decided to go with a Discord server. We're not currently planning for forums. I've worked on forums before, and I really prefer the feeling of Discord - it allows for quicker communication and easier means to share with other users. Forums also tend to either get stale or full of drama.

We'll stick with Discord for now. If it doesn't seem to work in the long run, we'll definitely look at other options.