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This is a better technical workaround if it is too complicated for the devs to create by adding new information rows into the database.

These have to be simplified, as the OP explained it is too complex and no one gonna understand it.

The code could look like this <subcreator:@username;characters:1@username,2@username,3@username>

It could easily be solved by adding BBcode or something to a description that is hidden and then the system automatically pulls out the data and displays it.

Make the layout fluid, to fit with browser size.

I approve of what is in the answer.

But then this way favouriting becomes redundant and this will become the new elevated favouriting method.

Sounds good! I think this would be amazing on FN, should be mandatory on all Explicit submissions.

Make sure there are multiple options for these, I don't really want to get spammed by it.