Your comments

Yeah, I can't change it without messing up the submission order.

I doubt Darius Hunter will ever come here because the accounts section says 'Characters'

Yeah, some stuff has to be changed because it makes no sense why to not display a user's art on his profile, it is a bit dumb as it is right now, too many clicks needed to get into a user's art gallery.

If this gets implemented, then implement 2-Step Verification

I think comments can be smaller then that, because we don't need massive wall-length-text posting feature, just make a separate sidebar for comments on a profile and that way align the available content, I think that is the best way to do it.

As so far the concept of FurryNetwork seems good, but there is very big lack of communication between members as far as I can see it. No one really wants to post comments or anything neither, which would be fun.

I think this is needed, because so far he entire place seems disconnected. There is literally no communication between members other then private messages, which I find rather stupid at this point. If this place wants to be a real art site, it will need visible comments or shouts on the side of the user's profile. That way the community will become better interconnected.

I find it appalling too that users who post their images get so little amount of image viewrs, perhaps clicking onto an item is not really incentivized.