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I would love to see this.

I think it would be best not to allow non-fictional erotica on the site. Having photos of real people doing sex acts could cause a lot of legal issues.

I second the dragon idea.

Yeah, mine does the same thing, if you scroll down it should load more. However, I think this is something they should move to a page format rather than a popup list. That would make seaching for an artist a lot easier.

And only on the FireFox end, without worrying about Chrome.

So how hard would it be to only import the "download to folder" and "open folder" features? So not worrying about the keyword blocking or being able to open things in new tabs.

Is that something that if a group of people got together and tossed you some money that you would be willing to do?

Something I have always hated about FA’s policy is that it is super vague regarding their cub content. So if this does happen, I think it is going to be very important to be clear and precise about just what is and isn’t considered “cub porn”.

Some areas that need to be covered, because people will either upload something by mistake or intentionally try to break the rules. So these need to be addressed when making the AUP.

  1. Characters fully clothed being eaten in vore pictures.
  2. Characters that are “thousands” of years old, but look cub age.
  3. Cropped pictures of adult cub works with links to where uncropped versions are posted on other sites.
  4. Censored cub pictures.
  5. Will you be using the age of 18 as your base or 21 like it is in some other counties?

But I think the biggest area of all, is defining just what “cub porn” is. For example, I’ve written stories that hint at teenagers having sex off screen, would that be something I wouldn’t be allowed to post anymore? Am I allowed to write about a 17-year-old and an 18-year-old making out, with no sex whatsoever? Or would that get me banned? Are we going to follow prime time TV rules or HBO TV rules?

If they had this, FN would quickly become one of my most used sites.

I know they can't do every story type, but at least being able to import the .txt files would be great