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Here's some food for thought, this is how stories appear in someone's feed right now:

(I've edited the picture a tad. I don't want to accidentally call anyone out on the forum.)

In a sea of pictures, this looks more like a 404 error than a submission and it is easily overlooked. A simple thumbnail would have made this submission, whatever it is, easily seen. But as it is right now, everything just sort of gets lost.

Between this, the lack-luster story UI, and the lack of a story importer, it makes the site rather unusable for me until improvements are made. And I'm sure I'm not the only other writer that feels this way.

Yes, that site is a super active place for writers and they get a lot of their content from there. FN is fun and all, but right now it's only geared towards artists and the writer support is lacking.

So I decided to give it a chance, and it's amazing. I'm a tad disapointed that there isn't any SF support, but otherwise I love it. Thanks for sharing!

I really like the idea of renaming them as: "'Favorite' to 'Add to collection', and 'Promote' to 'Favorite'" I think this would help clear up a lot of confusion about just what they are.

How long have you been using it? Have you had any big issues with it?

I'm a little worried about it's warning lable that is like "it shouldn't, but it may mess up your computer."

Oh they should stay searchable for sure, deleting them fully would be a bad idea.

It'd be awesome if they changed that. Since I would like an actual and more robust freinds feature in the future.

I didn't even think of cover artwork, that would be a great fit.

Indeed, you have a couple of microseconds to grab someone's attention and bring them into your story. Without icons, that becomes even harder.