Better Following List

TheInfamousImmortal 8 years ago updated by Digby (Community Manager) 7 years ago 8

One of my gripes with the site is the 'Following' list. Why is it that whenever you look at the list it only shows you a certain amount of artist's you're following? You could be following like 100+ artists, and it only shows you like 30-35 certain artists with no way of seeing the others unless you go to that artist's page.

FN if you find and read this, PLEASE add a page where you are able to see ALL of your follow's. Like how FA or DA does it.

It only loads some at first but it loads more as you scroll down to the bottom of the list. A page like FA with all the people you're following (although paginated/loads by 100s or something reasonable) would be kinda nice, though.

I'm watching 141 artists and whenever I open the following list it only shows me 31 certain artists and only them all the time.

I've got 101 and it loads 31 at first, but once I scroll down some it loads more. What browser are you using?

Yeah, mine does the same thing, if you scroll down it should load more. However, I think this is something they should move to a page format rather than a popup list. That would make seaching for an artist a lot easier.


I think right now it's either sorted by the order you watched them in (which does have its uses for finding people you just watched) or sorted by account creation date, but some alphabetical list would be tons more useful for finding specific people.

Okay I tried it on firefox, and it loads all the others. Guess it's a bug on my end.


This appears to be a nonissue; the submitter is able to see all people they follow. However, we can still consider alternate sort methods to allow users to find other users in the list easier.