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Website mascot for FN? y/n

Apro 8 years ago updated by Digby (Community Manager) 7 years ago 7

Would anyone FN adopt a mascot to represent the site? Just curious...


How about a really good dragon.


I second the dragon idea.


One of the many things I like about furrynetwork is the absence of a dumb mascot pasted all over everything.

Fender is the only redeeming quality of FA. He's adorable and deserves better than that site.


This is a cool idea. maybe there could even be a mascot contest with the community!


I like the more or less unpersonal approach. It's about us, not the site.

Everyone is free to make their own FN mascot if he wants to like E621 does.

I'd find it rather difficult to find something appealing to everyone.

Under review

I'm pretty much on the fence about this.

On one hand, having a mascot adds a bit of a fun element to it. When I think of other furry websites out there, the mascots often pop into mind. I mean, we're a community that embraces animals; it makes sense to have a mascot. This gives us a way to show life and excitement through site art.

On the other hand, a mascot sometimes is seen as less professional and more of an annoyance. That's not always the case, but there's some value in having the focus be towards content creators, not the website.

If we were to have one, I'd imagine we'd probably have it be more of an unofficial thing at first - we have a Discord server, and it would give some great ideas for custom emotes. I'm unsure we'd want to integrate it with the site, but if we did, we would likely do so with the About Us and Rules pages.

Anyway, I want to think on this some more. Other thoughts or ideas would be appreciated, as well.