Your comments

I feel like there's three separate things going on here;
  • Favoriting( publicly adding recognition, saying you like it)
  • Adding to collections (This would be anonomous depending on the collection but add popularity)
  • Sharing (reblog-retweet-share etc)

I feel like the buttons should be changed to a favorite and a share button and an option should be added to add it to a collection of yours, as well as collections being expanded on in general.

The current way it is, these things are being combined in really odd ways.

This is also important because mobile mode doesn't seem to have any way to remove them at all

I mean, the current chat is already instant/real-time, it could just be a new skin for that.

Maybe have the current thing become more of a "Status" post and make a new option for this kind of journal

I mean, It's a social network, you need some way to be social XD

My problem is currently Furry network isn't a furry network, it has almost no way to meet or even just talk to people. There are no wall posts, or any communication other than actuall PMs. It's more of a fancy commission site than a network of any kind. It really needs to up it on the social features in general if it wants people to join, as right now there's almost nothing to do socially on the site I personally think it feels dead

Agreed! Also either way it should change from a follow button to an unfollow button visibly as well, maybe make it a minus or something, but the color is a big problem, as sometimes I have to click it several times to figure out if i'm following someone