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FA importer broken

Ace 4 years ago updated by Diego Kawasaka 4 years ago 4

I was trying to use the FA uploader. It saw that I had five things and was starting to import them, so I left it go. after a couple of days, it was still at 0 of 5. So today I cleared the cache, cookies, etc. restarted the browser. Still doing it. I have not changed any settings prior or after starting the uploader or anything else

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Hey there,

Please make sure you have FA set to use the Classic layout in your account settings before trying to run the importer, otherwise it'll just get stuck like you saw. I cleared out your stuck import so you can try again.

i have the same issue....any change to clear mien too?

as Dari said, you have to use classic mode for FA even though by default FA no longer uses it. 

i know...i need mine just to be cleared so i can retry it