FA Import tool displays wrong username

Jake_Northcote 7 years ago updated by Digby (Community Manager) 7 years ago 5

How can I change the displayed username to the right one?

Under review

Hey there,

If you get me your FN username I can clear that out for you.

My FN username is Jake_Northcote.

The FA Import Tool displays the username of my old FA account, CHECKit095. I want to import the art from my new FA account, Jake_Northcote, but since I can't change the username, that is impossible for now.

How's the progress? I haven't heard anything from you yet.

Give it another shot, I just cleared it out. Sorry, we've been a little busy!


Jake, we wanted to check with you real quick. This should be cleared up, so we're going to close the ticket. If you do have any other issues, feel free to submit a new ticket. Thanks!