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one theory is that people think it'll make the comments section look like reddit.

personally, i think that people should be less worried about copying from other websites and more about functionality. therefore i actually support the idea of collapsible comments in a similar way to Reddit.

On most of this text wall's points I agree, but two things are wrong apart from the obvious anger it's filled with.

first, you must have missed the navigation feature right below the image. and while it's limited, it's there. additionally, not every art-focused website even has the feature you're talking about. I know DeviantArt has it, but FA and WL do not.

secondly, it's not close to impossible to write a comment. you just scroll down a little bit.

with all that said, I still stand by my previous suggestions of releasing the locks on the in-page borders so that people can adjust the sizes as they see fit.

I would also like to add that most, if not all, suggestions are things that I am very much looking forward to; comments below image, threaded comments, ect. even options to switch panels on or off and other UI customization options.

that also reminds me, I'd love it if we had collapsible comment threads.

posting to confirm zooming does not work on mobile. it doesn't even exist.

Yes, this problem still persists.

I'm using Firefox 43.0.1 on Windows 7.

This item here is another example:

I don't know if you can see it, but the description is of a different font than usual, and the text goes off the screen. At least on my end.

I just noticed something that might be a clue as to what's happening here. see for yourself:

In the following video you can see when I press Ctrl+F5 to do a 'hard refresh':

as you can see, the page still behaves the same.

I recorded it again a few minutes ago:

Screen resolution is 1920x1080 and as you can see at the top right the size scaling is 100% (meaning no change in scale/zoom).

why not zoidberg?

and a colorblind mode toggle would actually be internet jesus if they (furrynetwork staff) will.