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Tag what you see could work nicely as a base, though I believe there is (or was?) A feature for viewers to add suggested tags to art pieces. If that's still a feature, you as the viewer could so to say, tag what you see c:

I do not however agree that this should be a rule, and artists should retain the ability to deny/remove any tag they feel inappropriate to their art piece. Tag what you see has a strong potential to be insensitive to the content, particularly so with trans characters and creators. I don't think it would be fair to set up a forced system targeted to alienate the unknown or unclear, or the changing for that matter. 

Would it be possible to do twitch as well? C:

Definitely the more options the merrier on this one! 

I know I personally switch between sometimes I will review multiple applications for much fewer slots and hand select my favorite, and sometimes I can't pick who so being able to fall back on a "Raffle" Option would be nice!

Also not sure if it was considered, by having the slot option be selectable as: per commission type or slots for ALL commissions could be important as well, as I'm often for very few slots at a time and I usually let clients pick whatever commission type.

Would there be a need to review every submission? :O I was more so just going the route of a simple pop-up, similar to the one that's like 'Hey! You're about to make this public, are you sure?' but in this case it would be one that appears *if* a maturity rating hasn't been selected, that would say something simple such as 'Please select a maturity rating to make this submission public.' Is all ^^'

In regards to 5, (correct me if im wrong but) wasn't there a discussion on here about being able to tag users? If that was done with some sort of keyword, say for example user:ailurucanis than that would get users with only 2 characters (or that go by initials?) around the tag character limit! ^^

I would be 100% for artist exclusive ad space, even if it's only 1 or 2 spaces that cycle through a number of ads. Or if that's not an option, maybe have a page exclusively for artists to have paid ad space (cause to be totally honest, I'm not sure where with the current layout there's any space for such a thing o.o)

Or or or, just going on an idea tangent here... perhaps they can have (once the commission feature is public of course) artists have the option to buy-in to have their commissions displayed on top of the list, or something! There's a lot of options to be had with this sorta thing! Would love to see people share their own solutions! :D

But otherwise, yeah totally. Something like this please. A HUGE part of why I stay on FA is because there's always artist ad's that keep me active on there, whether its because im finding new artists or have an easy way to spread to a much larger audience. But the person in charge of their ah, ad space is... really. Ah. Not responsive... >.>
And I also think its a huge part of why FA is still so widely used. What other furry site offers this sorta thing to their artists? :/

Same issue going on here, noticed it the other day. I also agree with neotheta! Promo's showing in the what's new page was great for me! Perfect way to find new artists!

I agree to this, definitely would be a good feature! I think it could also use a toggle on/off option though, as I know of many people who prefer not to recieve shouts and the like ^^