What about "Tag What You See" rule? Or just the requirement of mandatory tags for uploads?

JF-049 6 years ago updated by Ailurucanis 5 years ago 1

I know it’s not going to be implemented right now, but it may be useful for the future to create a good habit for artists and other people of describing picture in a few words.
Of course we have a community tags feature, but not everyone is going to always take time and put tags that are not covered by the uploaders.

Or people just would not like this rule? You know, they may not expect it being mandatory because they may feel restricted at some point and then won’t use FurryNetwork. They may think like: “What a weird rule! I just want to share my artwork!”.

It’s a balance between “easy to upload and forget” and “strict order and comfort”. I wonder if people do really search for specific pictures in the gallery like in esix. Many people use esix or even Google Images to look for specific images that satisfies their needs.

Right now rules only enforce to tag a submission correctly if it contains any fetishes or if there’s a case of tagging abuse.


Tag what you see could work nicely as a base, though I believe there is (or was?) A feature for viewers to add suggested tags to art pieces. If that's still a feature, you as the viewer could so to say, tag what you see c:

I do not however agree that this should be a rule, and artists should retain the ability to deny/remove any tag they feel inappropriate to their art piece. Tag what you see has a strong potential to be insensitive to the content, particularly so with trans characters and creators. I don't think it would be fair to set up a forced system targeted to alienate the unknown or unclear, or the changing for that matter.