Your comments

I need some time to mull over this, but I can say that at a minimum, this is in the right direction, and on first impression, it looks pretty darn good!

I do worry that the lack of consistency between different user pages might be a little jarring, but I also like the idea of being able to pick and choose what sections matter to you.

Crazy that this isn't supported. Uploading as multimedia doesn't work for me, because it's pushed into a separate gallery, and doesn't autoplay when you view it.

I'm actually confused about what this feature is. Is it basically multiple different accounts under a single master-account? Do people see that the different accounts are associated together?

Dangit... I already commented here. Sorry, browsing through feedback and popping in for input here and there.

(A delete button would be nice xD)

Seconding this. All I care about (and all I want others to easily find about me) are images, journals and notices. It really creates a lot of clutter.

Just saw this here:

Pretty much the same, but with a lot more detail. This ticket can be killed. ^^;

Shouts are a nice way to initiate conversation, or simply pay a compliment, without having to go to private messages. The lack of such might also end up encouraging spam in the long run. Lord knows we don't want 1N (no subject) "Hi". again. xD

Agree 100%!

I really need separate notification types, there's just too much clutter to filter through atm.