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Seeing the exact same thing. is returning a 500 error. The effected sorts work when logged out and it so happens I have exactly 22 items on my black list, So removing 1 item fixes the issue for me as well.

Just wanted to point out this is still an issue. It'd be nice to be able to choose how the thumbnail is cropped if we're stuck with square thumbnails.

I'd say this definitely should happen. Even when replying now there's nothing that specifies which comment you're replying to only the username.

I feel like square thumbnails don't provide a great overview of artwork. Something that took weasyl a while to figure out.

I was curious what FN would look like with a nicely fitted grid like this, so I used a nifty js library to make it happen.

And it seems to scale pretty well across screen resolutions.

Here's the code, but do note it's only meant for demonstration.

It can be run in the console on the gallery page.I may write a complete version later if I don't run into too many complications (getting image dimensions without causing too much delay is one).

  1. Click "upload" on the top navigation bar.
  2. navigate the the category your image is listed under on the list to the left.
  3. Click the image. At the bottom of the panel that pops open there's a garbage can icon you can click to delete the image.

I do hope search functionality is revisited. It's usefulness is rather limited as is.

Like OP said Derpibooru does have a pretty great search, but I can do with less. Even of all things Furaffinity managed to make a pretty capable search (minus result number limitations and popular sort being rather odd).

AND, OR, and NOT operators are the most important to me, being able to group queries is a bonus. With that I can do things like: (horse & female) | (deer & female) giving results of female deer and horses.

I initially generate the metadata as JSON with my javascript scraper which is formatted like this . Then I extract the image links from the json file with a Lua script, load them up into a download manager(JDownloader2).

Once that's done I import the files into lightroom and my plugin compares file names in the catalog to the ones in the json file and applies the relevant metadata to file. The metadata is stored as keywords in the catalog linked to the image and as certain xmp fields if appropriate (like title, description, artist). Once i'm satisfied I have lightroom write the metadata into the actual images in the xmp format.

So that's how I do things. The whole process is kind of cobbled together atm, but it works. :p

It's great being able to search through my favorites and have all the information right there.

scrolling to the bottom of the page seems to be working now without any workarounds. Clicking the button itself still does nothing. Not sure if it's supposed to, but it is a button.

I guess I can see the convenience in having FN displaying the resolution of your choice, although if your going to be posting your art anywhere else your probably going to end up scaling it down yourself since many places won't do that for you (unless the set resolution limit is small).

Any kind of download prevention is worthless and someone is bound to write a script/extension to circumvent it and make it easy for others. I certainly don't do that >_>

A toggle of the download button might stop the casual collector, but probably not anyone who would misuse or steal your art.

I can live with whatever format as long as it has the artist, title/filename, and ID.

I haven't found date ever to be too important and art can still be ordered chronologically with ID (well if its at the beginning or through some script/program). For Furaffinity I strip all the metadata from the submission pages and populate the files with metadata using a lightroom plugin I wrote, so filename isn't toooo important for me, although I haven't written any such scripts for FN.

Actually from a utility standpoint artist-id-title would allow for grouping of artists and order them chronologically when sorting by file name.