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Threaded and Nested Comments

aaros 8 years ago updated by Foolish 7 years ago 5

It's very important for the sense of community and interaction to have a comments section that supports conversations in the comments section. Currently I can't see the comments field next to submissions being able to support having meaningful conversations or supporting a large number of comments if a submission becomes popular. I think it would be a good idea to have a larger comments section with threads and nesting of conversations, and ideally comment threads that can be collapsed and expanded.


This is exactly what I'm missing on this site! Comments seem too unimportant and unorganized to me as of now.

In addition I'd like to suggest another idea, to move the comment section under the actual submission to have more space: http://support.furrynetwork.com/topics/256-move-comments-under-artwork/


This would be nice. Forum style comments are, imo, trash. They actually inhibit multiple discussions within a submission; if there are multiple discussions, following one of them is nigh impossible because comments are ordered by age.

We have nested comments here, why not have them on the main site too? Imagine trying to use this part of the site if replies *weren't* nested.

I'd say this definitely should happen. Even when replying now there's nothing that specifies which comment you're replying to only the username.

Under review

I agree this would help. We're going to talk to the development team about this.

Yes! Finally!