Load more submissions bug

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The "What's New" submission feeds seems to have a bug when I get to the "Load more submissions" part, I have to refresh the page every time to load more submissions in, which is a little annoying to do, because clicking "Load more submissions" doesn't seem to do anything.

I am using Google Chrome version 49.0.2623.75 (64-bit) on linux

to further help diagnose the issue I have and use the following in Chrome


  • uBlock Origin
  • ScriptBlock
  • Ghostery
  • LastPass
  • Dev Flags for Google Chrome
  • Better History

Chrome Flags: (some flags do not exist in Windows)

  • Override software rendering list
  • Native Client GDB-based debugging
  • Hyperlink auditing
  • Developer Tools experiments
  • Scroll prediction
  • Material design in the browser's top Chrome (Material-hybrid)
  • Download Resumption
  • Offline Auto-Reload Mode
  • Simple Cache for HTTP
  • TCP Fast Open
  • Device Discovery Notifications
  • Tab capture upscaling quality
  • WebGL Draft Extensions
  • Session restore bubble UI
  • Experimental App Launcher
  • Tab audio muting UI control

I have Furry Network site whitelisted in both ScriptBlock and uBlock Origin, and Ghostery.

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Perhaps it shouldn't quite autoload (imagine reading the page when it does that and then reorders things!)

But something like twitter where you can click to display "3 new posts" would be very convinient.

I thought more of you click one away and it adds one to the bottom kind of behavior

Here's an example of the gap at the bottom of the display:


I can confirm this bug, using a 2560x1440 monitor. It doesn't have to do with just height, it only happens when the total amount of thumbnails don't fill your screen all the way to the bottom, leaving that small gap.

There's a workaround though, you can resize your browser's window and virtually remove the gap manually. That will get the trigger to actually Load more Results.


I've found that if you scroll all the way to the bottom then it loads more. I agree that this is not intuitive though.

Okay now it doesn't seem to be autoloading at all! My only workaround is to play with the filter now q.q

Thank you for mentioning the "scroll to the bottom". Mine seems to be working but I had no clue I needed to scroll down all the way. I thought it was completely broken, including the "Load more items" link, which does nothing for me.

You're welcome! And yes, scrolling seems to be working again for me too, as of today.

I am experiencing the same problem in Chrome, but I found that

1) if you've just downloaded something and the downloaded files bar shows at the bottom of the browser, then scrolling down to the end or clicking on the "load more submissions" does not work.

2) if the downloaded files bar is closed, they work with no problems.

Can anyone confirm this?

I'm unable to confirm if this happens.

According to Artex below, this might be just resizing the page height which fixed the issue for me...

I'm encountering a similar/same issue. The 'Load More Submissions' button on the What's New page with the grid view doesn't work and scrolling past it doesn't load more submissions. Switching to list view and back fixes it.

On Firefox 46.0.1 - no extensions that should mess with the page or requests enabled.

No errors in the console, no http requests being made when clicking/scrolling past the button.


Resizing my browser also fixes the issue. Seems to be an issue with detecting the bottom of the viewport.

Screen resolution: 1920x1080

Browser viewport: 1920 x 952

posted a little too soon.

resizing the browser only seems to fix it when the layout switches over to what I'd call the tablet version. Vertical resolution doesn't seem to have an effect here.

Vertical resizing works for me though... it's a problem for some resolutions. Adding or subtracting even 1~3 pixels may make the issue go away or appear again...

Also when I set the zoom to 100%, this issue goes away. Maybe this is a bug in how rounding is treated for "bottom detection" in zoomed pages.

Can't really resize screen if the resolution is 1366x768 screen. Doesn't work for me.

You can just resize the windows, instead of the resolution itself, I think.

I tried that but it doesn't work.

Here is a screenshot:


Same issue here, except resizing has zero effect whatsoever. Tried disabling all extensions in Chrome, no dice. Refreshing has no effect since it just loads the top X number of submissions, and I can never see anything beyond that.

Every now and again (maybe 5% of page loads) I can scroll down one or two "blocks" of submissions (scroll down until "Load more submissions" appears, automatically loads more) but the few times it actually does this, it stops shortly. Clicking on the link for Load more submissions has no result, either.

Console has no errors, no additional requests trigger when scrolling down or clicking on the link. Seems to affect What's New and Following, going to the Popular page scrolls through and loads more submissions just fine.

I can confirm this is what happens with me too. Scrolling down automatically loads more in, but clicking doesn't work.

Easy workaround until they fix this is to click on another tab under the 'Your Home' section then click back onto 'What's New'.

I can confirm that the "Load more submissions" button does not work. I have to scroll down to get more submissions to load. I am using Firefox.

scrolling to the bottom of the page seems to be working now without any workarounds. Clicking the button itself still does nothing. Not sure if it's supposed to, but it is a button.

"scrolling to the bottom of the page seems to be working now without any workarounds"

Same here, but somehow still doesn't work for me if I have the downloaded files bar open and page zoomed.

The past two days I can scroll/click down once, and then nothing further loads. Reload the page, same result.

The "Load More Submissions" button seems to be working now! :D