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I suggested something similar a few months back -

Rather than having images be nested hierarchically beneath the user that submitted them, have the participants (creator, client, characters featured) be part of the metadata of the submission.

I suggested something similar not too long ago -

Given the collaborative and participatory nature of furry art it really doesn't make a whole lot of sense to have only one usericon below a submission, especially given how often creators and clients will each submit the same drawing.

Weasyl's horizontal masonry-style thumbnail layout looks very clean. All the thumbnails have the same height, but variable width.

One of the many things I like about furrynetwork is the absence of a dumb mascot pasted all over everything.

Glad to see this is getting worked on! I feel like journals got nerfed into oblivion in the revised feed and I really hope to see them return to prominence.

This is a really good idea. A global community should have support for more languages than just English!

I'm not sure I see why it's necessary to add specific ic/ooc bio fields when you can already create and define as many custom fields in your bio as you like?

If this winds up being implemented, I'd really prefer the option to disable it. I've never taken a commission that's meant to be shared by more than one client that hasn't gone sideways. Instead of one person being indecisive and nitpicky about how they want their character represented, you have two, and the complications are multiplied.

I know that there's already some decay applied to the weight of a 'promote', so that the older a promote is, the smaller the impact it carries on the Popular ranking. But yeah, filtering popular by date range is a pretty great idea.

Artstation does this too, which makes it very handy for submitting multiple views of the same 3d model, along with albedo/normal/roughness maps and embedding Marmoset Viewer files or video turnarouns.