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In the absolute worst case, even assuming someone bothers to take DRM into web browsers so low level that even a screenshot wouldn't work, you can just take a photo of the screen. If you got a reasonably good camera and can work the manual settings (ISO, aperture, exposure time) and have a display with good viewing angles (optical zoom can somewhat compensate for that) and high resolution, you can make it look pretty good. I really need to try this out. With some Photoshop levels adjusting, probably perfect.

Or use a hacked hdmi device to intercept the signal protected with HDCP, like those people used to do back then when ripping bluerays and dvds before a software solution came out and encryption keys leaked allover the place on the internet.

Movie studios would probably love it if there was a way to do this (and they have the monetary incentive to invest into this, not "baw my fanart pr0nz leaked on youtoob"), but people's inventivity when it comes to watching movies for free knows no boundaries. In this day and age, the "for your eyes only" concept is just not physically possible with all that these methods have provided.

TL;DR if the public can see it, it will sooner or later leak as a downloadable file

You think the lack of a download button on some pages prevents people from saving images off DeviantArt?

Unlike DA, there are sites who take active steps to prevent you from saving pages (disabling right-click with javascript, using redirects and referring page info so you can't grab the image from the link alone) and even that never stopped me from actually getting an image I really wanted, it just made it harder. In the worst case, even with the smartest protection in the world, one can just screenshot the browser. You CAN NOT prevent people from saving your art. if. they. want. to.

As for DA, there are functional gallery scraping tools, let alone ways to save just one single image.

Don't they ask for a reason when you flag someone?

I mean, not doing that means the admins need to sit and figure out for themselves if there's anything wrong with the page in question.

I never tried testing those buttons, thankfully, though. I'm giving this a preemptive thumbs-up, though I'm not going to go and flag people and see if it's indeed the case.

Let's take down FA too while at it, just for good measure :^)

I wouldn't mind.

However, please warn users of it. Especially new users.

Like a heads-up during registration. And I don't mean hidden somewhere in the TOS who people tend to kinda just scroll through absentmindedly.

By that I mean with size 30 bold letters in their face "Certain explicit content has been automatically been added to your global blacklist, if you wish to see it, please edit your tags here [link to account content settings]"

It's easier to just stop using the site maybe if you don't like the tagging and blacklisting system, my friend :)

That's actually a smart idea.

I could improve it even further by suggesting implementing the the global blacklist tab as a multiple line text box. One tag per line is a global block on a tag. Multiple tags per line separated by a space block only the images where all tags match.

I personally don't block anything cause I'm not a baby, but I suppose for people who want the feature, it's a good way to make sure you filter out exactly what you want.

I'd suggest:




If that's a no-go, perhaps:



But having at least part of the title embedded in the file name would be nice.


1.) '_' instead of spaces

2.) automatically remove troublesome special characters like '?', '/', '$' and other poorly supported characters

3.) support for Chinese, Japanese, Korean letters

4*.) if title/filename is used, please try to keep file name under 64 chars (about 36 characters available for name + title/filename) due to trouble with copying files on Windows if path too long

I want this too.

And I think Journals should be a category of their own. Not as story submissions.

Please disable it.


It's a pain in the butt to navigate this way, and one of my major complaints about this site.