Your comments

Yes, please.

I really hate the feed thing. I literally couldn't care less about what artist x did 20 mins ago.

I want to see what sort of images they submit and what stuff they favorite. That's it.

Also I went ahead and upvoted the suggestion to add shouts, because I think an user page needs to have shouts for all the things that are not worth actually writing a private note about. Like "omg cool art" or "what's up? :3 " etc.

Just add shouts to the page. Make a box for them, put them in there. It's that simple.

I use shouts on FA and IB quite often. For when I want to say something without bothering to write a private note.

Oh and you folks can completely scrap the stupid facebook-like activity stream thing. I'd rather have a long series of shouts there. If I want to check an artist out, I don't care about their activity in a chronological way, I'll just check their gallery and their favorites anyway.

There's a reason why sites like Pixiv have public and private favorites.

Some people like collecting art privately without letting the artist know "o hey look I favorited your drawing". Some don't mind if those are public.

The site already has this feature. It's called "Promote". And these features probably have been thought through much better than you may think.

Plus, what does "stalking" even mean anymore. Most watcher accounts are basically "stalkers" if you want to put it that way. Stop being paranoid.

Needless to say I oppose this.

I suppose I am fine with an opt-in feature for "extreme" fetishes.

As other people has said, Pixiv has R18G and it takes like 10 sec to activate it.