Blocking combinations of tags, rather than individual ones.

Charlie 8 years ago updated 8 years ago 8

This is a problem I've had with several other sites that feature tag blocking -- it's an all-or-nothing blanket ban regardless of context. There may, however, be one or two specific, common uses of a tag that lead you to blacklist it all outright, causing you to miss artwork or stories that you would otherwise enjoy.

For example, let's say you're a fan of Pokemon. You're also a fan of football. You aren't, however, a fan of seeing Pokemon play football. Your first impulse would be to block either the "Pokemon" or "football" tag, but that would cause you to miss out on Pokemon art, football art, or both.

But, if there were a system in place where you could ban anything that has both the "Pokemon" and "football" tags, but not anything that only has one of these tags, then your problem is solved. You can see Pokemon art, you can see football art, but you'll never again have to see a Lucario score a touchdown.


Just as an addition, this idea of tag combo blacklisting could also be relevant to the ongoing cub art debate. Cub+sex as a single blacklist entry will block all instances from appearing without blocking non-sexual cub art or non-cub sexual art.

Yes, it would.

By that I mean It would work exactly as expected and block only the sexual cub stuff.

This site needs an edit button, or at least a delete button.


That's actually a smart idea.

I could improve it even further by suggesting implementing the the global blacklist tab as a multiple line text box. One tag per line is a global block on a tag. Multiple tags per line separated by a space block only the images where all tags match.

I personally don't block anything cause I'm not a baby, but I suppose for people who want the feature, it's a good way to make sure you filter out exactly what you want.


I think e621 has even more flexibility than this. Say you want to block all football, unless it's pokemon playing football (because that's cute).

Block: "football !pokemon"

This is also a great idea!

Support for complex queries in the blacklist would be great. But FN supports only simple "A and B and C" queries even on the main page. :(

Just a reminder that if you give this idea a thumbs up (or down, either one!), please leave a comment as well so this thread can get more eyeballs looking at it. :)