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RTFM. There is a public favourite feature, it's called "Promote".

And you didn't pay either, so your opinion counts just as much as mine.

Seems my other reply didn't make it.

First, I'm an artist as well. Then I don't draw for the same reasons you draw, and I don't expect interaction with the people who happen to see my art the same way you do.

But you are infringing on other's people's privacy.

I support this.

It's kind of distracting having them on the side.

I would guess we're all so used to having them under everywhere, some of us for more than a decade, that it's just hard to get used to having them somewhere else.

Clarification, crappy coding on FA's servers' side, the epoch converter works fine.

Those numbers FA has are in fact (supposed to be) unix timestamps, you can use an online converter to change that to a real date. Google "epochconverter".

It will always tell you the year and month and minutes right, and usually the day depending on when it was posted, but for whatever reason the "Posted" hour seems to be differing every day from the GMT date with an arbitrary amount of hours (~2-10h), even after accounting for time zone difference, so I have no idea what's up with that. Skimpy coding, probably.

You can use this info to put a date on your saved FA files, EXIF data may not always reflect when the artist decided to finally publish it.

I too am leaning towards date first :3

Well, you are correct, you can't get the full version. If there is one (sometimes there isn't, which is more obvious in images with hard pixel edges). My point was that people who hate the download button also hate fans saving their work locally on their computers. Some even make it obvious with that pathetic "don't use my art" stamp.

A more tactful workaround is to downscale the images in advance and leave downloads on. That way you can keep your full res to yourself without looking like a dick. But heh, furries and tact...

The only argument against it is prints, but honestly, does anybody even buy prints off DA anyway? One can just pass the image through waifu2x and go to the local printing shop.

I didn't downvote you, just to be sure btw.

That's apparently just the new votes catching up with the old ones. I don't think the fake votes have been filtered out.

Another problem is how easy it is to register here. Even if it's a different platform, there has to be a way to link together the FN account with this one, or else, let's say you can comment or submit tickets but not vote. There are people frustrated enough to use disposable mail services and register 30-40 accounts here just to give one topic or another a boost.

It would be nice if we could vote again on that particular topic, because the reason specified in the blog post of "driving people away" actually hinges on how many people voted fairly, and if it's as many as the admins think it is. If the majority aren't bothered (especially if it's by default blacklisted or something) the arguments and justifications completely fall apart.

That's a very good comment.

And yet, ShingekiSkunk's comment is the most upvoted in this section and this ridiculous proposal somehow has almost 90% approval rating. Entitlement and selfishness is apparently rampant among furry artists. "I demand to know the names of the people who looked at my stuff! Because stalkers!"

But it's not a problem. If this gets implemented, I'll get back to my old method: I bookmark artists and I save art on my computer. I love privacy and nosy artists don't need to know what's in there.

Well, I disagreed with your proposal, but instead of downvoting it, I just abstained from voting, which I usually do when I don't fully agree but don't completely disagree either.

Until you went ahead to be a clown about it, that is.

Yes, my idea requires about 5 seconds more from the user, as it would take to copy and paste part of his tags into a new line and type or copy in the other age rating. If you bother to block, you can spare 15 sec per item to format your blocklist.

Also, all blocklists can be saved server-side as text files. If the age rating tags ever change (I HIGHLY DOUBT) they it probably takes a minute or two from the terminal to write up the commands that replace all those tags in all those files.

Don't you worry, there will be tags that reference the rating. Since not all people use blacklists, but some users may want to look only for clean art or explicit art at some point in time.

This idea is lazy, hard to implement and would require a lot of clicking around to edit. If you can back up and copy paste your blacklist, you can also do quick editing in Notepad++ on it, like replacing certain tags or removing certain tags without removing everything else.