Voting prone to anonymous tor abuse

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Just thought you all should know. Several topics have been compromised with this exploit as well.



Well spotted! Login / registration is now required to vote.

If you're unclear what is happening even a single user can greatly pump the up or down vote by simply joining a new circuit. It would only take a couple people to make hundreds of votes.

Looks like they fixed it. I need to log in in order to vote now.

Would also like to take the time to point out that this voting system is very vulnerable to anonymous email signups for padding votes as well.


Well spotted! Login / registration is now required to vote.


I hate to be that person, but I cant help but wonder how much this effected the recent ah... "high profile ticket."


As explained in the Furry Network blog, I am confident their decision to disallow 'cub porn' was only partially if at all based on the number of votes that ticket had. It's a controversial issue with its downsides and considerations. You can read the details at the blog.

Even with many votes being 'fake' (something that should not be a problem now), it shows people are pretty passionate about their stance against cub porn. This is not new and in fact it is clearly reflected in furry surveys by the IARP, where art related to baby furs are far more disliked than anything else on the fandom.

Personally I have many more furry friends who are cub lovers than friends who are cub haters. But I would not easily host their art at my home or public space without pondering much if it's worth the trouble.

true. their reasoning is Decent enough in the end for the ban. despite them saying on twitter, that is what the tag blocking feature is for.

But it could show an artificial Majority, or minority, when the thread was posted just about everywhere from FA to IB, and some foux 4chan sites. when everyone who did not have an account on the support threads, or in FN itself could vote on a topic. both on the OP, and on other posts in the topic as well. If this had came up before the final decision was made, i would have loved to see the thread remade and let to sit for a couple days to get a more accurate representation, but that will probably never happen.
And as for the babyfur comment...yeah. even a good amount of cub lovers arent too fond of babyfur. There is technically a difference between teens and younger. in fact...i'd say there are about 3 subsections of "cub lovers". Teen, preteen and babyfur. I am not familiar with those surveys, could you post one or two so I could have a look? I would like to see if they differentiated between "Cub" and "Babyfur".

It's probably hard to consider teen on the list though.

Generally 13-16 give or take, but this breakdown is all anecdotal And it all gets lumped into the same catagory either way.

They don't. You can check Nuka's Texas Furry Fiesta 2013 talk, or check the IARP website, or ask Nuka directly. The subject wasn't developed further since then, because (as explained by Nuka in unpublished statements), it would be hard to scientifically / ethically justify, to higher boards, researching in that particular direction (other than as a mere curiosity for furries).

I believe cub 'haters', unfortunately, aren't aware of differences between ephebophilia (teens) and paedophilia (kids), even though one is arguably a lot more pathological than the other. In any case, they're both illegal if under the age of consent, to which the debate against cub art would relate.


Unfortunately, I suspect that the fact that said ticket hast drifted downwards to the tune of ~200 points since the change indicates 'quite a bit'.


That's apparently just the new votes catching up with the old ones. I don't think the fake votes have been filtered out.

Another problem is how easy it is to register here. Even if it's a different platform, there has to be a way to link together the FN account with this one, or else, let's say you can comment or submit tickets but not vote. There are people frustrated enough to use disposable mail services and register 30-40 accounts here just to give one topic or another a boost.

It would be nice if we could vote again on that particular topic, because the reason specified in the blog post of "driving people away" actually hinges on how many people voted fairly, and if it's as many as the admins think it is. If the majority aren't bothered (especially if it's by default blacklisted or something) the arguments and justifications completely fall apart.


Not to mention a lot of those people have art on e621, which they CAN ask to be taken down.

So much for not wanting to be associated with a site having Cub, eh?


I can only hope this is why there was as much as 600 downvotes on that ticket. The idea of having so many pro-child-porn people in the community would make me feel pretty uncomfortable being in this community.


We really need to hold voting for the cub porn ticket again. Social justice types are nearly infamous for using bots.

I also just replied to something on one of my own threads, and it says "on moderation"


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