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Not only random how about "undiscovered"

As long we don't have groups it's hard to get critic, feedback and love from other.

To be clean up some misunderstanding.

Markdown was design to be simple and read simple WITHOUT an IDE/Editor or just plain.

Easy as read and write in plain text.

Markdown is use by a lot of Developers/-Platform such as GitHub, some Wiki, API-Doc, ...

So it is not design for complex writing, it's more for reading the doc. without open your IDE.

With BBCode you always have an WYSIWYG-Editor or an HTML-Renderer,

so you can create tables, paragraphs, formatting by Click and GUI.

There are a lot of markup languages out there: BBCode, Wikitext, LaTex, Markdown, CommonMark, Fountai, reStructuredText

BBCode is the most used one, but one of the oldest and very general.

So what do you need for writing storys/journals: tables? paragraphs? formatting(bold, italic, ...) ? font-size ? heading? WYSIWYG-Editor vs plain ?

I almost don't use the Browser-Texteditor (cz of "Ohh no I press the back-Button and now it's gone"), I use my local Texteditor/IDE to write doc. and later copy/paste into the Browser-Editor.

How about this:


- Make the "< # >" wider, and the "#" a bit smaller so Everyone can hit the Button (with One-Hand or Two-Hand)

- So you can put the author at the top, maybe at the right align

- I think the TabBar is ok (maybe a little bit higher?)

- if you scroll down the Comment can load later, if you are at the top no comment must be load


- if the Comment are at the bottom the focus is more at the Content

- if you scroll down the Comment can load later, if you are at the top no comment must be load

- The "Other Artwork" (Maybe max. 3, 6-9 Items), "Folder" and "Tags" are at the right-bottom, so more space for the Description

- 4-5 Items for the the next/prev Preview-Art are fine

Nice Nerd Stuff for Developer:

Designing for Touch

I have no interest in it.

I don't want so no favs, no comments.

If someone don't like it so put it into the blacklist and don't support it.

But still I think we need a "better" Adult Content Filter/Control:

I also get 500, but sometimes.

If I refreshing the side/artwork, it works.

I think Markdown is nice for the custom fields in profile, simple descriptions in artworks.

Complex BBCode would be nice for journals and writing.

I don't do writing, how about an extra ticket for writing/format features for writing ?

Besides the "Adult Content" Checkbox, min. Tags, how about to finished the progress ...

- Adult Users rate the submission (anonym?)

- There rate min. 10 User or >50% rate it as Adult or something like that

- Then it gets published

Something like Users-helps-Users

But I'm afraid that user don't tag it as Adult to published it quicker.

Yeah a "Live Now"-notifications sounds nice.

Something like the Artist switch the "I'm Live now"-Button and put some Infos into the Description (Livestream-Link, Title, ...)

A search section for Livestream (Title, SFW/NSFW , Description, Tags, ... ) would be awesome.

I don't know what you can do with the Twitch API but maybe read Views-Count, Notifications, Title, ...

Are there more information about the Importer.

What's get Import? Title, Description, Thumbnail, Full Res. Image, ...

What about Followers ?

Does it work like a Web Crawler? Did it use your Sessions as Login ?

This is a nice idea.

This would be nice to know how much species are around.

May gender, orientation, age, ...

Some more stats about the users and there fursona.

Make Graphs like "Google Trends" ?