"I'm Feeling Lucky" button to discover new people?

Charlie 8 years ago updated 8 years ago 5 1 duplicate

Right now there are only two ways to find new content: Popular and Fresh. While this is great for finding creators who are either already very well-known (especially since Popular still seems to stick the same items up there for weeks at a time) or have just uploaded content, there are a lot of people who will get buried and lost due to either obscurity or mass uploads by others.

A button to randomly pull content from a specified tag or combination of tags would be a great way to find these buried works, and also for those whose content would be buried and lost to be discovered themselves.

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doesn't Weasyl have that section on the main page? I think that in order to be the best, FN needs to implement such a feature as well.

Its a better way of finding new artists. :)

Not only random how about "undiscovered"

As long we don't have groups it's hard to get critic, feedback and love from other.

Indeed. Groups would be another nice feature, as would some type of option to mark a submission as "Feedback Requested" outside of simple tagging, but both of those are topics for another ticket.

Just a reminder that if you give this idea a thumbs up (or down, either one!), please leave a comment as well so this thread can get more eyeballs looking at it. :)