Your comments

I'd stay away from Request since it's got the connotation of "free artwork" in most online circles. YMMV though.

There absolutely needs to be a way for page owners to flag or hide comments from asinine people, though. It'd be a good feature to have, to reduce drama if nothing else. As long as other people could manually open the hidden comments it shouldn't be that much of a problem.

While deleting characters is an essential function, I'd be more a fan of just being able to have more character slots. I'm only using two right now, but that's only because I'm afraid of not picking the right ones for the other four.

It shouldn't be too ambitious to hack together something to allow embedded LiveStream or Twitch or whatever the hell players. What'd really be something is if FN could set up some kind of partnership or something with Picarto, though.

It'd be preferable to having to manually delete everything so your new stuff wasn't halfway down a list of bad sketches from three years ago.

I think F-List has a pretty good model for how groups could work.

Having a category for available YCHs and adoptables from all artists might be useful, too.