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I'd really like this as well! Maybe all notifications could have different colors and a readily available chart?

Elfwood had something like this back in the day, "Moderator's Pick"!

Ah good! I was wondering if something like this had already been brought up, I'll check out that thread. I'd really like to see something implemented. I totally agree.. Perhaps there should be sections for "artwork made by user" and "artwork made by other users".

Another fun stat would be species. I know that the bios are currently really open ended, but I think it'd be neat if we could register characters as "dragon" or "fox" and have it documented to see the percentage differences.

I'd love to see this particularly for Twitter as well!

I'm sure that there would be plenty of users would who utilize this feature.

I'd love to have a system like that! That would be awesome to see, I'm sure it could be quite useful.

I feel this is something the community has wanted for some time! I look forward to whatever route you choose. I was thinking though, if it was possible, perhaps you could further the commission shopping process by including filters for commission types (sketches, reference sheets, ect) or even price ranges. An easy to navigate feed would likely be a good idea, but closer to list format rather than an overwhelming amount of images and options.