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I would personally like an option to share artwork, stories, photographs and multimedia to a social media. Twitter in particular. Probably not as important as other features at the moment, given the invite-nature of the network, but an idea to keep in mind, I feel.

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Yes! Twitter integration would be great, both a 'share this' option for all users, and if there was an option to auto-tweet when the submission or journal entry goes live, and embed the image (or a cropped thumbnail) into the tweet via the twitter API.


I'd love to see this particularly for Twitter as well!


This is something that I'd love to see, but also have an option to directly link your account to a platform and have whenever you post something it gets linked to social media, whether that be Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, etc. Also, if Twitter does decide to do increase the character limit to a higher number, I'd like to see tweets automatically post to your Furry Network account, similar to regular posts. It would mean I would have my eyes on FN more instead of staying on Twitter.

That would be a pretty interesting integration. Although, I post on Twitter *very* often, so some sort of toggle would be needed.

I can totally understand for high-volume users, which is why, if anything, they can try to limit cross-posts to maybe just tweets and retweets, no replies.


A very handy little feature. This would help promote the website and the artist on social media websites and draw in more users.


In particular I think it would be really nice if an artist could configure her FN account to tweet when she opens for commissions and when she closes for commissions!


Something like how YouTube does it, check where you want to post, then you can add a custom message if wanted.

This actually sounds good. I would also like to see support to social media cards, such as those on Twitter.