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I think I agree. A good design makes it clear what things do with minimal descriptions. People will know what "favorite" does since it works the same with other websites like FA or DA. People might get confused with "save for later" or "save," though, because commonly save means something like download. How about the word "archive" instead? I think people will understand what "archive" means, especially if they've ever used gmail or FA notes.

You're welcome! And yes, scrolling seems to be working again for me too, as of today.

This sounds like an extreme corner case which would be better solved by providing options to filter notifications.

My two cents: I like the current system of having a private collection of "favorites" and a second collection of "promoted" works that I publicly share with the rest of the world. It seems the word "promote" is too confusing for most people, so perhaps the "share" and "favorite" terminology would work better. I also think that it'd be great if the user had the option to notify the artist when they favorite something. Perhaps the best way to go about doing something like that would be a checkbox under profile options. Finally, it'd be great if favorite notifications were aggregated as twitter does.


- change promote to share, star to some other obvious icon

- give the user the option to notify artists when they favorite a piece of their work

- aggregate notifications when people favorite a piece, like twitter.

I think sorting by popularity has its place, but not as the default first thing you see when you browse artwork. I'd like to see something like a "Trending" category, which displays submissions with the most promotes/faves/views within the last 24 hours.

Personally I've never really liked the idea of shouts. I generally dislike the constant "Thanks for the fave!" spam I get on FA. I don't feel I need to be thanked for liking something. But for people who want that functionality would twitter feed integration serve the same purpose?

In particular I think it would be really nice if an artist could configure her FN account to tweet when she opens for commissions and when she closes for commissions!

Okay now it doesn't seem to be autoloading at all! My only workaround is to play with the filter now q.q

This. It's honestly a lot more useful than popular tags. Even something simple like most recently searched tags would be nice to have. What does popular tags mean, anyway? The tags promoted the most? Faved the most? Uploaded the most? Trending the most?