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Beast Shocked NSFW 8 years ago updated by Digby (Community Manager) 7 years ago 4 3 duplicates

On the Artwork/Photos/Stories/Multimedia pages it would be nice to have a set of "favorite tags" listed above "popular tags." That way users don't have to type in their favorite tags.

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That sounds good. Especially the tagging for a specific character

This. It's honestly a lot more useful than popular tags. Even something simple like most recently searched tags would be nice to have. What does popular tags mean, anyway? The tags promoted the most? Faved the most? Uploaded the most? Trending the most?

Under review

I think this is a nice idea; favorites or interests really don't have much purpose at the moment. We'll look into the development requirements for this.

Under review

I think this would be very helpful, especially for people who upload a lot of images with the same characters or themes. It's not an urgent issue for us, but we'll look into what's needed for development.