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Here's a video on how that appears on Android.

As far as Makes can remember, adding <meta name="mobile-web-app-capable" content="yes"> Open separately from Chrome. I wish there was a way to force this without the website adding first. It's super annoying to click an app icon and have double menu bars at the top.

The site should use the HTML5 Notification API by default. Then it should probably fallback to WebAudio, and then playing a sound through Flash. (Just for the crazy people who use Flash and IE8). Wait, why am I planning this? I don't work here!

It could pulled of easily with something like BabylonJS, A-Frame, or MozVR. Maybe even just ThreeJS is someones willing to make a nice camera. The models can be hosted from site's CDN.

There should also be a "Hot" category of things that seem to be rising in popularity. When I post stuff I've spent a few days on, it really sucks to have be knocked back 100 posts because someone decided to transfer their entire FA account a minute after I post.