Sound notifications by comments/PM/watches

CyberJolteon 8 years ago updated by Chris D 8 years ago 1

The idea i had is the following:

A setting that allows you to turn on sound notifications.

if people commented/PM'd/watched you.

I kinda missed this on FA and had an friend who needed to program an notifyer system for that.

This would be cool to see this integrated on the Furry network.

An sound like this (or something): https://notificationsounds.com/notification-sounds/job-done-501

(My apologies if this is already planned / present, I couldnt find the setting to turn this on)

- Cyber

The site should use the HTML5 Notification API by default. Then it should probably fallback to WebAudio, and then playing a sound through Flash. (Just for the crazy people who use Flash and IE8). Wait, why am I planning this? I don't work here!