3D model preview support for Marmoset Toolbag and Sketchfab

Talrion 8 years ago updated by Journeyful 8 years ago 5 1 duplicate

It would be nice if we could show off 3D works right on the site with the help of the Marmoset Toolbag viewer or Sketchfab instead of just using still images. Maybe handle it sort of the way Artstation.com does.



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I'd love to have support for this as well, but if it is to be provided by a third party it should be a service that allows adult content. Adult content is strictly against SketchFab's TOS.

There should also be support for simply uploading mesh files in standard formats without requiring proprietary third-party tools, like Marmoset.

it'd be great if 3d formats were supported by the site itself. But if that's too complex, either sketchfab or marmoset(haven't tried it yet) seem like a good option. And even though sketchfab's TOS don't allow most adult content, there's an option that allows models to be hidden from public but still viewable/embedable if you have the link. You could even protect them by password. Maybe that isn't a full solution, but it could be a workaround to make this possible


It could pulled of easily with something like BabylonJS, A-Frame, or MozVR. Maybe even just ThreeJS is someones willing to make a nice camera. The models can be hosted from site's CDN.

FN, please do something about this! Allowing 3D viewer integration from either of these products is a fantastic idea that will open allot more interest in 3D within the fandom. VR and AR are on the rise which are fantastic mediums for fursona expression - you'll create the foundation for allot of good business.