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Here let me try it for you. I have mine set to gay, male solo, and male-male. I'll change it to only straight real quick. It has no effect on the art submissions. I tried searching saucier terms just in case and still no difference. So it might organize the What's New section.

FN deletes inactive accounts after a certain amount of time based on how much content they have submitted. So if these false account in question are inactive long enough they will be deleted and their name freed up.

Account verification like twitter wouldn't be a bad idea though.

Correction, I checked the upload policy again, Fetish work is bare minimum mature. For example fully clothed or nude but in bondage is still mature, but add penetration and its explicit.

Adult is mature content such as artistic nudity, while explicit is porn typically penetration or directly sexual acts. Fetish work at bare minimum is mature, example fully clothed female in bondage would still be mature.

Click the image on the top of the 3 people from the bathroom signs, then click either popular or fresh, then click on the search bar and type the username or character name you think they use. You can test it out on me if you'd like, RaunchyRam.

Mature is tasteful nudity, explicit is porn. I think explicit includes fetish work even if no "technically" sexual acts are commencing.

I like it, but it only helps those who are already have followers. I think there should be a page that shows streams currently live, that way people can find new streamers too. To make this work they make a page like stories and let you use embedding, we put the embed stream code in. Then on our profiles a live/not live button that will make that post visible or Twitch (or other site) account linking to make streams currently live appear on the list automatically.

+1 though cause it may be as close as we get to "Currently Live" page.

I saw the group post on the main page but if you allow users to create groups you'll get a lot of dead groups wasting space also you'll get a lot of overlapping groups that don't server a purpose. Like for example what facebook does, type furry into groups and see how many groups there are, more than half of those overlap and are dead.