A Hobbies section would make this site stand out more as a Social Network and Art Site.

RaunchyRam 8 years ago updated 8 years ago 1

I was thinking an additional tab with a drop down menu of various hobbies and you click it and it takes you to a page for submissions tied to that via a hobby tag. Ex. "Hobby:Sports" Or let us post directly to that hobby's page.

I realize the site already has Tag searching in each Media's tab. But for them to have their own section on the menu would help the site keep a social media image and not just art. Also that way you click one hobby and it would list all kinds of submissions related to that hobby on one page. How it is now you would have to click a form of media then type the tag restricting it to results just in that media.

I'm pretty sure we all have interests outside the fandom and having a place to talk about those would be nice. People could talk about their hobbies and things they do that don't necessarily have anything to do with the fandom. Having a news section would be cool too.

If a hobbies tab get's added here some suggestions: Sports, Entertainment, Music, Gaming, and News.

Sorry if this came off a bit rambling, I haven't been here for long and I wanted to make this seem like a good idea without messing with the site too much. There are already a lot of just art sites, I thinking having more emphasis on social media might help it stand out more.

I saw the group post on the main page but if you allow users to create groups you'll get a lot of dead groups wasting space also you'll get a lot of overlapping groups that don't server a purpose. Like for example what facebook does, type furry into groups and see how many groups there are, more than half of those overlap and are dead.