Shell accounts and taking hostage of namespace

Jessica Belle 8 years ago updated by Digby (Community Manager) 7 years ago 4


The way "characters" are made allows for a sort of namespace reservation process that has me seeing a whole lot of "shell" accounts, e.g. @Taki who may or may not be the account of Taki the Skunk. I myself made a character for URL at @jessica as well as my own @jessabelle just for the namespace. I know naming and namespaces are a tricky part of any website, so I wanted to voice @antnommer's suggestion of having verified usernames for people. I would love to be on that list.


so what you're asking for is basically a system for verifying the authenticity and/or legitimacy of names that are taken on FN?

that's something that will involve dedicating human resources for that purpose, which is most doable AFTER this website is opened to the public and officially announced as launched.

don't get me wrong, i'm all for verification of authenticity, but we can't tell what FN management prioritizes higher or lower, so realistically you should not expect this any time soon.

+1 either way.

That's definitely what I'm asking and I know the scope of it. I imagine it's something they'll be forced to deal with via support tickets anyhow, so as long as someone sees this and it floats the idea upward, I'm happy.

FN deletes inactive accounts after a certain amount of time based on how much content they have submitted. So if these false account in question are inactive long enough they will be deleted and their name freed up.

Account verification like twitter wouldn't be a bad idea though.


Although this topic is a bit old, I'd like to weigh in. For now, if people are name hoarding, we do have a method to have those character names released - this is detailed in our Code of Conduct.

We have a topic, as well, about name verification. It's a lower priority issue to us, but I do agree that it would be helpful, especially when buying commissions.