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This issue got fixed around a month or so after I made this post, I completely forgot to mention it here

There doesn't seem to be any more issues in the multimedia screen anymore, thanks!

I noticed this problem when trying out the feature too. But sorting by popular in other tabs just for viewing purposes also causes the feed to not load for me.

I can't load my own gallery if it's sorted by popularity and it seems to be the same issue if I sort by popularity on other galleries. Basically sorting by popularity ONLY works in the main FN Gallery tab up top as well as the community tab.

It's fine x3 You guys are doing a great job with this!

I mean, it's neat that this is a feature, it's good that stuff I don't want to stumble upon is blocked, but I can still see it's there (Just no thumbnail).

But this scared me

I suddenly thought artists were being blocked or something!

I haven't seen the Popular/Fresh bug since I don't spend much time there, but yeah, the galleries thing is annoying since I can't tell at first glance if there's images missing or they're just rearanged

I did try, but that's where the problem is, on the native resolution, it just seems to be happening on the 1366x768 resolution.

Zooming out might provide a temporary fix until they adapt the site to the resolution, but it's a common resolution so the fix IS needed.