"Sort By > Popular" submission grids break Customized Userpages

Weremagnus 8 years ago updated by Digby (Community Manager) 7 years ago 3

I've run into this bug with the latest updates today. When adding a custom Submission Grid to my homepage with the new customization tools and setting this new grid to Sort By > Popular, my userpage no longer loads. (Using Google Chrome browser.)

Not even the custom Profile infomation text was loading both on the userpage and from within the Edit Profile menus.

When removing this custom Submission Grid sorted by Popular, the userpage loads normally again and the Profile tab from the Edit Profile menu also loads correctly.

I noticed this problem when trying out the feature too. But sorting by popular in other tabs just for viewing purposes also causes the feed to not load for me.

I can't load my own gallery if it's sorted by popularity and it seems to be the same issue if I sort by popularity on other galleries. Basically sorting by popularity ONLY works in the main FN Gallery tab up top as well as the community tab.

Under review

I'm going through several of the tickets, and from what I can see, having a section for popular submissions is now acting correctly; the site has had some updates, and this may be solved. Are you still having any issues with the profile? If so, we can look into this and figure out what's happening.


At this point, we believe that the issue is resolved. If you are still seeing issues, though, feel free to comment here, and we'll revisit this.