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Indeed! FN is being inundated with new users and new ideas, but I'm sure things will straighten out with time.

...Is there a way for me to close this topic?

Oh wow, there is so much more of an in depth policy already in place than I thought! Thank you for posting this, this addressses all of the concerns that I had.

Yes, like Deviantart groups! Very customization and generally easy to join, leave, navigate, and moderate.

I absolutely love community chatrooms. I have spent many of my young days in the Deviantart chatrooms, and those places helped me make some lifelong friends. Nothing brings a community together quite like an easily accessible chatroom, I think for a website that claims to be a "network" for furries, a chatroom is necessary!

I love the idea of FN sending notifications to watchers whenever an artist is streaming. I also love the idea of anyone on FN being able to access a "list of current streamers" where they can go and find someone to watch. I would utilize both of those features.

I 100% with you here. I feel a sincere lack of actual networking opportunities as well. I think it would be great if this site could implement groups and perhaps chat rooms, like Deviantart, and more place to leave comments and shouts, like Facebook. That would turn FN into great place to meet new people and connect with your friends.

I LOVE the idea of badges for various things. Side7 did something kind of like this, or at least, they had a "Top Commenter" listed on the front page at all times. But I love the idea of badges more. That is so fun! It would kind of be like Deviantart badges, except that would actually make sense and be fun to collect, instead of being pointless wastes of space like llamas and cookies or whatever it is they have there.