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Both Weasyl and Deviantart have sections in their ToS that state "[we] reserve the right to terminate or suspend accounts that are inactive, in [our] sole discretion, for an extended period of time (thus deleting or suspending access to your Content)." in regards to vacant accounts.

I am especially interested in this policy also being implemented into FurryNetwork's ToS, as the issue of people signing in under a particular name and then leaving the account entirely vacant forever after seems to be a common one. This can be especially frustrating when other users would love to acquire those inactive account names.



It looks like everything was taken care of! Let us know if you need anything else.


It looks like there are a few sections addressing this issue in the Code of Conduct.

Account Policy:

This category includes:

  • Registering a character name that is commonly identified by another individual across multiple sources
  • Avatars containing shocking obscenities/material
  • Failure to properly mark character profiles containing adult material
  • Failure to properly mark artwork/photographs containing adult material
  • Linking to real-life adult content from outside sources anywhere in a character’s biography or tagline
  • Using whole canon character names, such as a popular character of My Little Pony or Pokémon
  • Using any language in a character’s biography or tagline which is disallowed by other site rules

This is to ensure proper usage of user accounts and characters, as well as determine the acceptable content for those. Furthermore, if it appears that you’re creating/holding characters with no intention of actually using them, they may be deleted at an administrator’s discretion. In order to determine who “owns” a character, an administrator will research the profile of the individuals in question to determine who has a better claim by popularity and tenure.

Name Hoarding:
Out of fairness to all users on FurryNetwork we have made some guidelines to ensure that everyone can get a name they like, while simultaneously making sure that nobody is allowed to “reserve” a name for forever just so that someone else can’t use that name.

Names can be freed up if:

  • 6 months on a basic profile without any content and no profile information
  • 2 years on a basic profile with some content, but hasn’t been updated in that time frame at all
  • Never if the account holder is deceased, or if it’s the name of a company or business
  • 48 hours if the only purpose of the character is to link to another character profile

If you wish to have a name freed up for you please contact us at management@furrynetwork.com. We will review your request and contact the nameholder directly if appropriate.

Underline emphasis is my own. I think those cover it, though?

Oh wow, there is so much more of an in depth policy already in place than I thought! Thank you for posting this, this addressses all of the concerns that I had.

I definitely agree! I'm glad FN has already considered this issue so thoroughly. Names can be so important in these communities for establishing a unique identity, and business.

You're quite welcome! I'm sure it would have been much easier to find if the current links were functioning appropriately. I'm confident FN will clear them up with a little time, though!

Indeed! FN is being inundated with new users and new ideas, but I'm sure things will straighten out with time.

...Is there a way for me to close this topic?


It looks like everything was taken care of! Let us know if you need anything else.