Your comments

1/2) Significant improvement

3) You seem to have the most important ones for initial launch. Later down the road, I'd like to see a stream iframe / streaming status module (especially if it connects to picarto automatically so I don't have to manually update it when I go online/offline)

4) Yes please

If FN could automatically detect when I'm live on picarto and send a notification to my followers (or show that I'm live somewhere on my profile), that would be amazing.

Pleeeease give us the option to make our favorites public, and please make them public by default (because opting out for privacy makes more sense than opting in).

Browsing other peoples' favorites is a huge part of how I discover new art and artists. Without the ability to browse people's favorites, FN is severely less useful to me as an exploration tool.

This was immediately frustrating for me. It's really hard to find 3 comments buried underneath a couple hundred favorites, but I really like to read/respond to every comment.