Highlight 'commented on' notifications?

Sidian 8 years ago updated by Digby (Community Manager) 7 years ago 2

So I'm actually finally getting some comments on my artwork over here, and I noticed that they're a little difficult to pick out from the other notifications (amely the promotes since the faves just have a blank icon). Now I'm wondering if I missed any other comments, among Promotes notifications.

It might be nice if we could turn on/off the different type of notifications, like you can turn on/off different types of posts on your feed. Honestly, given that favorites are anonymous, and there's no plan to change that, I'd just as soon be able to turn off the notifications for those. A 'stats' page that shows how many faves, comments, etc. I've gotten for my gallery would replace it quite handily for seeing what my most popular pieces are.


This was immediately frustrating for me. It's really hard to find 3 comments buried underneath a couple hundred favorites, but I really like to read/respond to every comment.


We're currently looking into what would be best for notifications - some people have suggested the ability to sort by category, and others suggested colorization. Either of these will likely take care of the issue with "commented on" notifications getting lost. We're going to look deeper into one of those suggestions rather than highlighting one specific type.