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We're far in to "later" territory already being that it's years since it was last official discussed on here in any fashion. lol

Give it a couple more years. *eye rolls*

I haven't touched the site in about a year and honestly it seems no different.

I have a feeling this will become like Weasyl's better thumbnails issue.

Can confirm that it does not work with the built in password manager in Firefox. So far have only seen it able to offer saved creds once and it would not work due to some js constantly clearing the pass input.

Not allowing working support for password managers greatly increases encouragement for using bad passwords.

I've got 96GB and I still would prefer if 1.5+ wasn't be used by a single tab. lol

I have a feeling this might end up like "better thumbnails" did on Weasyl, where I'd check once a year if it had finally be implemented byond "soon".

Overall the site is non-intuitive, overly flashy, and painfully annoying to just look around. Maybe in a year or two it might be something I'll find usable.

Found something similar and its repo.

Go to Popular Artwork, scroll down a few times, set a filter, scroll again. Page goes blank or reload page showing what looks like it's the next "page" or has multiple stuck blank "pages" in the infinite scroll inline with other pages or a few other broken behaviors.

Can 100% repo every time on Chrome 50.0.2661.102 and Firefox 28.0.

(Cannot be caching from pre-fix, first visit was 24 hours ago)

I can browse FA, e621, and many others fine on my ancient Netbook. FN makes my dual Xeon with 96GB RAM actually work more to display a single page, than the hundreds of other tabs I have open. Only the YouTube tabs with videos are using more resources.

I've been using the site for a little while since yesterday and so far all the fancy Web2.0 stuff is indeed fancy, but it really annoying to browse and the flashy effects like fade in is making my eyes hurt. Likely won't spend any more time using FN beyond curiosity at this stage of development.

The endless scroll, cropped thumbnails, high browser load (it froze a tab chrome on my first visit with a dual Xeon PC with more ram than doge) and most of the UI design are all blockers at this time. I wrote off FN as yet-another-attempted-FA-replacement till I saw that is a Varka project; will be interesting to see where this goes.